A Look Back at My Favourite Shots from 2023

It’s that time of year again and here we are at another yearly roundup of wedding photos!

For me, 2023 has non been the best year personally, Sadly I lost my mum unexpectedly in March, and as you’d expect it had a huge impact on everything in my life, emotionally but also time-wise, as it was down to me to sort out her affairs, sell her house etc. I’m so fortunate to have the flexibility that being self employed allows, to make time to do those unavoidable life jobs, but I’m also fortunate to have such wonderful clients who were so kind and understanding of my situation. It was also wonderful to spend so much time around happiness and love and really lifted my spirits when I felt down.

I was lucky enough to shoot at several of my favourite wedding venues again this year, including the Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, Offley Place, Coltsfoot Country Retreat, and South Farm. I was also welcomed into family home weddings and celebrations on family land, as well as gorgeous smaller intimate weddings in pubs and registry offices. 2023 has taken me to a real mixture of beautiful spots!

I would say that we haven’t been hugely lucky with the weather at many of my 2023 weddings however, and whilst I had some gorgeous sunny days and epic sunsets, there was also a fair share of drizzle! We usually found a break in it here and there to get outside for some lovely photos though, and I always love a couple cuddled up under a brolly anyway!

As always I must thank my lovely family and friends who support me and cheer me on in my business. I couldn’t do it without you all!

I hope you enjoy my favourite wedding moments of 2023. Here’s to a wonderful 2024!