Why have a Magician at your Wedding? 5 Reasons to Book an Awesome Magician for your big day

Whenever I get a consultation info form back from my couples in advance of the wedding, and they’ve mentioned they’ve booked a magician to be a part of the day, I always do a little happy dance! A magician is a key ingredient to an awesome wedding day, but they can be so much more than that. For today’s post I’ve spoken to two excellent local magicians for a bit of info on just why you should make booking a wedding magician a priority for your special day.

  1. Let me entertain youBooking a wedding magician

So when you think magician, you probably think ‘drinks reception’, and yes – this is a prime opportunity for your magician to come into their own and entertain your guests! There’s often a chunk of time in between the ceremony and sitting down for your wedding breakfast, which you fill with formal photos, and mingling with your guests, but with a gap of sometimes up to two hours, a magician is a great way to fill the time for everyone. Not only this, but it helps to break the ice between friendship groups and different guests who may not know each other.

Magician Steve Rowe says ‘Standing around with small talk for a couple of hours can be quite draining and energy levels start to lag, imagine then moving in to the Wedding Breakfast where the meal is served and speeches happen, this is not what you want…and this is where a magician can come in. Good Magicians will not just perform magic tricks. They will gather people together, performing for small and large groups, bringing people in and generally keep the party flowing.

  1. More than magic

It’s not just entertainment that a good magician can provide. What you might not have thought about is what comes after the drinks reception. From personal experience, it’s a great idea to have someone on hand to act as an MC during the day. You might not want a formal toastmaster, but if you’re looking for someone to fill that role (and take the pressure off your best man or usher!) then booking a magician who can do this too is a brilliant way of making the day run well.

Lee Smith is a brilliant magician who works alongside your other suppliers on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. ‘A good magician can act as an MC or Toastmaster, as well as being entertainment for your guests. Pick the right magician, and they will liaise with your venue and photographer to ensure guests are in the right place at the right time for their photographs, and that they are seated on time for the wedding breakfast, to leave the photographer and venue free to do the jobs you booked them for!’

  1. Awesome reactions

One of the reasons I love magicians at weddings so much, is the amazing reaction shots you get from your guests. Candid shots of your guests mingling, chatting and feasting on canapés are great, but they’re enhanced so much by the smiles and laughs of amazement I can capture when guests are in awe at your magician’s awesomeness! As Lee says, ‘A magician can really enhance your wedding album and memories of the day, looking back at these priceless reactions.’

  1. Dinnertime

But it’s not just the drinks reception when your magician will be doing their thing. It can take a little while for your venue to serve all your guests, so for those tables at the back of the room, a magician is a great way to fill that time. Steve says ‘Whilst performing during the Wedding Breakfast if for any reason there is a delay in service, having a magician present and on the ball performing where needed will again mean the guests not only have a thoroughly good time but they really don’t realise there has been a delay.’

Not only this, but your magician will more than likely ensure that there’s a special performance just for you at the top table, or later after the wedding breakfast, so you get to experience the magic too! Lee likes to gather your best man and maid of honour with you for a session with him to get excellent reactions with your best mates, maybe during reception or at top table.

  1. Keep the energy going

By the time the speeches are done, your guests will have had a few drinks and will all be getting along like a house on fire. But often you’ll need to clear out of the reception room for the venue to turn it around for the evening party. This is another time that it’s a great idea to book a magician to keep the energy going. Steve says ‘Again, a magician at this time is a really great idea at least just to keep everyone occupied and now everyone is more relaxed, bellies full and wine flowing, you really will see and hear some amazing reactions form the magic.’

When to book?

Like many suppliers, the best magicians get booked up 1-2 years in advance, so definitely don’t leave it until the last minute! When chatting to him about this article, Lee told me he was taking bookings for 2022 already! I’d highly recommend booking someone who is available all day and can really be an asset to how your day runs. Don’t delay in securing the magician you want. I highly recommend both Steve and Lee, and you can check out their details below. You can see Lee in action on my blog here, and Steve at Claire and Martin’s wedding here.

I hope this has been a helpful article on how booking a wedding magician can enhance your wedding day, and be an integral part of the day, not just an added extra!

Check out:

Lee Smith – Walkabout Magic – http://www.walkaboutmagic.com/

Steve Rowe – https://www.steverowemagic.co.uk/

Bride and Groom with wedding magian Lee Smith of Walkabout Magic

Wedding guest shocked reaction to magician

wedding guest reaction to magician