What is the Golden Hour and why is it important for my Wedding Photography?

Have you ever wondered what people mean by the ‘golden hour’, and why you should care about it in the context of your wedding photography? Hertfordshire photographer Becky Harley explains all about the golden hour and why it’s so awesome.

Top Tips On How to Choose your wedding venue

Making sure you choose the right venue for your wedding is vital. It’s one of the biggest decisions you will both make and can be one of the most costly parts to a wedding! To help you, here are my top tips for choosing your wedding venue. Type of Venue Start off by...

Top Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be one of the most romantic times to get married, with the seasonal changes, romantic candlelight or even a dramatic weather shot, it really can be a wonderful time to plan your wedding. Not only that, there are some great advantages to planning a...

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