Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony | Chinese Tea Ceremony Photographer

Bride in traditional dress receiving gold jewellery at Chinese Tea Ceremony

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony | Chinese Tea Ceremony Photographer

Following on from a beautiful wedding at Hedsor House the previous day helping my good friend Damion of Damion Mower Photography to capture the main wedding of this beautiful couple, I headed to London to the Phoenix Palace to photograph the Tea Ceremony element of their celebrations.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Photographer

Chinese Tea Ceremony PhotographerThis was a real cultural celebration for the couple and their families, and my first experience of a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. To begin with, in their traditional outfits, the new bride and groom served tea to their relatives from a special tea set, generation by generation, beginning with grandparents. It was such a lovely way for every family member to speak to the newlyweds and wish them luck in their married life together, and hand over gifts of gold jewellery for the bride and gifts in lucky red envelopes to the two of them.

Once this traditional part of the evening was over, it was time for speeches and food. But not before the beautiful bride changed into her second outfit of the day – a stunning red gown. In between courses the families moved around the room to share a drink with each table. There was a competition to see which table could cheer for them the loudest, so the room was filled with whoops and cheers by the time we reached the last table!

After a delicious meal (which the couple kindly invited me to join them for) and another outfit change (this time to a stunning gold gown) it was time for a couple more speeches and some tricks and silly games with the couple, which had everyone in fits of laugter around the room!

It was such an enjoyable day, and so lovely to see two families coming together to celebrate the marriage of a wonderful couple. Thanks so much to the couple, and to Damion, for allowing me to be a part of it!

If you’re planning a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony aspect to your wedding, I’d love to hear from you to discuss your photography!