My Couple’s Favourite Wedding Images Summer 2019

I spend all day every day looking at wedding photos, and I have a very critical eye for my own work. I have my favourites from each wedding that I photograph, where I’m pleased with the technical aspects of a photo, the moment, or the creativity behind it. Many of these make it into my end of year highlights slideshow (take a look at my 2018 one here) But sometimes, I forget that it’s not always going to be these ones that are my couples favourites, or that they will display in their homes for years to come!

For a bit of a change, earlier this year I decided to get in touch with some of my previous couples to find out which of their wedding photos was THEIR favourite from the day. It was so interesting to hear from people on which photos they love best, and why. It’s always so lovely to see/hear about my photos being up in people’s homes!

Here are some words from my lovely couples about their favourite photos!

Abbey & Dan

Abbey and Dan got married in September 2017 and celebrated with a reception at Riverside Marquee. You can see my blog from their day here. This is what they had to say about their favourite photos from their wedding.

“One of our favourites is this one of us walking away from the Marquee into the field from the shots you took after the speeches. We love a natural action shot and this one is perfect. It is just after all the crazy parts of the day when we can start to relax and the picture captured the moment we got to spend some time together, just-us.”

“We also really like the picture of Abbey walking down the aisle where I am looking back at her and both her and her mum are smiling at me. We love this one as it captures the moment really well. It is the first time I saw her in the dress and despite it being the scariest moment of the day for both of us, it looks so natural and exciting.”

Chloe & Sam

Chloe and Sam tied the knot in September 2017 in an awesome London wedding, at Soho Union Club. See more from their wedding on my blog here. When I asked about their favourite photo, they had a clear winner!

“We have this photo up in our living room. I think that it’s one of the most special because it came from a totally spontaneous moment on the day, and also it was just the two of us in a moment that no one else knew about.  It’s also one of my favourite stories of the day…the random man buying us a pint as we were walking around Soho! “

Mel & Rob

Remember the ‘Beast From the East’? Mel and Rob celebrated their wedding right in the middle of that snowy winter weather situation, at the beautiful Offley Place in Hitchin. They told me that their favourite photos were the two below, featuring them donning wellies and walking in the snow, and one from later in the evening when the snow began to fall again and we went outside to create some magic! Their wintery wedding is on the blog here.

Sam & Craig

These two lovelies tied the knot in March last year and despite being just a couple of weeks later than Mel and Rob’s wedding above, the weather couldn’t have been more different – spring was definitely in the air with daffodils and sunshine and much higher temperatures than at the beginning of the month! Both Sam and Craig got back to me separately about their favourite photos, and their thoughts are below:

Craig said: ‘My favourites are when Sam was walking down the aisle, and the one of us outside having our portraits. I love these photos because I remember how it felt. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but it just puts me back in touch with those moments.’

Sam also messaged me and said the following:

‘I love this photo of both of us. It has that natural feel about it, even though we are posing for our ‘mantelpiece shot’. I love how the dress falls and the little touch of the flowers on the bench. It adds that extra little detail to the photo.’

‘This is not only my favourite but I’ve received lots of compliments about this one. I love the different lighting and the reflections on the water. It’s really shows the love between us which is a lovely thing to capture.’

Maria & Ashley

The lovely Maria and Ashley got married in Cambridge in July 2018, and they also got in touch to tell me about their favourite wedding photos. They had a few favourites, which I’ve included below along with their thoughts!

‘This is a fantastic picture that really captures the emotion at that moment. Looking back it reminds me just how exciting, yet incredibly nerve-racking, it was standing there (for what seemed like an eternity!). It’s also a great shot of Maria in her dress alongside a proud mum.’

‘This is a great posed picture which sits on the bookshelf in our living room. We both look relaxed and really happy together.’

‘We also love the pictures you took in Christ’s Pieces with the golden ring effect, and the one with the textured effect as we were walking.’

Jenny and Paul

The lovely pair were married in October 2017 at the gorgeous Waddesdon Dairy (see more here), and sent me a whole selection of their favourites! Jenny had this to say about her favourite photos:

‘I love this one because it make me laugh just looking at it! So natural and happy!’

‘This one has always been one of our most favourite photos. It’s just incredible. This one too. Amazing photo. You are very clever!’

Thank you so much to my lovely couples for sending me their favourite images! I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular feature, so I’ll try to do another early next year with some of me 2019 couples favourite shots!

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