A Gorgeous Family Portrait Session in Hertfordshire

I caught up with this lovely family of three (almost four!) last year for these family portraits in Hertfordshire, when the weather was warm and the sun was shining. Mum and Dad (Naomi and Ben) invited me to come along and take some photos of them with their little girl Jasmine, in the weeks running up to the birth of baby number two. I’d previously taken photos of Jasmine as a tiny baby, and have seen her growing up, as the family live close by to me.

We kept it local and went for a wander around Panshanger Park to stretch our legs and take some lovely photos. It transpired that poor Jasmine hadn’t quite appreciated that the ‘park’ we were going to did not feature swings or a slide! But she was good as gold for the shoot.

I don’t have a studio, as I much prefer capturing families in their natural element – enjoying themselves in the open air, with kids running around wearing themselves out! It can sometimes take little ones a while to warm up to the strange lady with a camera (aka me!) when we start the photo shoot, so I generally start off taking it very easy and only a few photos here and there as they get used to me and my camera whilst we have a wander. Sometimes I start off taking photos of parents, to show them it’s not so scary after all!

I love these lovely relaxed photos of this gorgeous family. If you’re looking for some family portraits in Hertfordshire I’d love to chat to you about capturing some lovely family moments. Drop me a line and we can set a date!

parents and toddler walking in hertfordshire family portraits taken by Becky Harley Photography

maternity photographs taken by becky harley photography

Mum and toddler at family shoot in Hertfordshire taken by Becky Harley Photography