How to Book Your Wedding Florist – Hints and Tips

So – you’ve booked your dream venue and got your date in the diary! What next? It’s worth booking up your suppliers sooner rather than later, particularly if you have a specific person or style in mind. Many couples choose to book their photographer as their next priority after they’ve confirmed their venue and date, but next on the agenda for many couples is their wedding florist. I thought it would be helpful to pop a few hints and tips on how to book your wedding florist in a post for you!

I’ve gathered these tips from some of the top local florists to help you get planning!

Red wedding bouquet, at a festive wedding. How to book your wedding florist

Feather and Ferns (St Ives, Cambs)

Cambridgeshire based florist Becky at Feather and Ferns has the following tips on how to book your wedding florist:

Get on social media

Becky says, ‘Take a look at a florists website, but also their Instagram. This is where you should find their most recent work. Note the style they portray, and whether this is in keeping with the style you want for your wedding. For example, some florists have a more luxurious style and use a lot of flowers, some are very foliage based and loose in style, and some more traditional’.

Becky from Feather and Ferns, hard at work crafting a gorgeous bouquet

Orange wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

A stunning burnt orange bouquet by Feather and Ferns

Be open minded

Becky also advises, ‘Be open minded with your ideas and try to choose a colour palette, rather than specific types flower. If you limit yourself to wanting a certain variety of rose, for example, you might not get the best results. A colour scheme will give a professional florist the ability to use flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. This will help ensure you get better quality flowers and value for money’.

On a budget?

If you’re on a budget, Becky has this advice. ‘spend your flower budget wisely by making sure you focus on arrangements that will be photographed the most . For example you would never scrimp on your bridal bouquet, as it is the most photographed item of the day. Instead of lots of little arrangements spread out thinly across a space, you could opt for one larger arrangement at an entrance way, for example.’

Pastel tone wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

Sunflower wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

Oasis Flowers of Letchworth (Letchworth, Herts)

I also chatted to the lovely Hertfordshire based Kerry from Oasis Flowers of Letchworth, who has some more hints and tips for you:

Avoid disappointment!

Kerry says, ‘If you have a florist in mind, go to see them as soon as you can, and book them. You’ll often need to pay a small deposit, but this should secure the date for you so you know that you have the florist you want. Florists do get busy, especially during wedding season, and so if you have your heart set on one particular one, don’t wait!’

Sophie and her bridesmaids with their bouquets from Oasis Flowers of Letchworth

Who will be creating your flowers?

Kerry also suggests that it’s worth checking who will do the flowers for you on the day. Will it be the florist you are talking to, or someone else they work with?. This is important as you will have built up a rapport with them, and want to be sure they will be there for on the day for you. You should also ask whether your florist takes more than one wedding booking on a day, as this could impact on your flowers and delivery time. It’s worth checking that they are not taking on too much. Kerry says ‘At Oasis Flowers of Letchworth, we only take on one wedding per day, meaning that we can devote the time to ensuring that your flowers are perfect.’

Purple wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

Delicate wedding buttonhole. How to book your wedding florist

SA Floristry (Bedford, Bedfordshire)how to book your wedding florist

Sophie from SA Floristry is based in Bedford, and has the following advice when it comes to choosing and booking a florist for your wedding:

Look through their portfolio

‘If you’re looking to have a themed wedding or a specific style, It is very important to find a florist who is as enthusiastic about your ideas as you are! Although most florists are trained to be able to produce all types of designs, we do all have our own individual style. It’s what make us unique! It is important to look through a florist’s portfolio. This will give you a good idea of what they enjoy doing and may inspire you with new creative ideas.’

Bring some ideas

‘Once you have made contact, make sure you ask lots of questions and book a consultation so you can discuss your ideas in person. When meeting with a florist it is important to make sure you bring lots of inspiration images, perhaps on a Pinterest board. Don’t worry if you are not sure what flowers will fit your theme it’s our job to come up with unique and creative ideas.’

A gorgeous flower tipi from SA Floristry

Foxgloves and Alice (Hitchin, Herts)

Finally, Kerry from Foxgloves and Alice (based in Hitchin) has the advice below on how to book your wedding florist:

When should you book?

‘Meet your florist after you’ve found your venue, but also once you’ve picked your dress. This is really important as it will dictate the theme and feel for your flowers. The colours and textures of your dress will determine what core colour is chosen and will run throughout the ceremony and the reception. Where possible, meet with your florist at the venue and take a tour together, your florist may see spaces you hadn’t considered.’

The lovely Kerry from Foxgloves and Alice

Think seasonally and be original

When discussing flower options, it is advisable to listen to your florist’s experience. Kerry says, ‘I like to accompany my brides to the flower market to see the flowers we have discussed close up! This can really help bring the vision to life. Ask your florist is whether your flowers will be in full bloom on your day and always ensure you choose flowers that are seasonal! Out of season flowers are very expensive and normally small headed where they are grown unnaturally in greenhouses. I love to use British locally grown flowers wherever possible for their quirkiness and beautiful heady scent. Where budget allows, work with your florist to create something different that your guests may not have seen before –suspended floral displays make a beautiful visual backdrop for photography, whilst table centres are the perfect thank you gift for special guests.’

Colourful wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

Colourful wedding bouquet. How to book your wedding florist

How to book your wedding florist

Choosing your flowers should be a really exciting part of your planning, so hopefully following these tips on how to book your wedding florist will help make it fun, stress free, and one of the highlights of your wedding planning journey! After all who doesn’t love looking at lots of pretty flowers?

Whatever style you choose and whichever florist you opt for, be sure to choose someone who has the same excitement for creating something gorgeous for your wedding day as you do!

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