Investing in your memories – Why get a wedding album?

There’s so much planning to do for your wedding day – you end up adding so much more to your list than you ever expected once you get into the throws of planning!

If photography is important to you – that’s great! Many of my couples tell me that their wedding photography and capturing memories of their big day is one of the most important things that they choose to invest in on their wedding day, which is always great to hear.

During your planning, a wedding album may seem like an extra cost that you can do without, when you’ve got a list as long as your arm of other things to think about!

But if your wedding photography is really important to you, and having the ability to relive your day again and again in the years (and generations) to come is too, then you should think carefully about how you’re going to preserve your memories.

It’s lovely to sit down with your new husband or wife with a glass of bubbles, and spend an evening looking through your full gallery of photographs together when you first receive your images. It’s such a lovely way to spend an evening – reliving those memories!


Invest in enjoying your memories after the big day

Wedding Advice - Should I get a wedding album?

But it’s really worth considering how you’ll be sure to enjoy your photos and the investment you’ve made in your memories in the years to come. How often do you think you’ll sit down to look through your wedding USB, or the photos you’ve downloaded and backed up onto your hard drive? Typically you’ll receive between 400 and 500 images of your wedding day from me, and the sad truth is that many of your photos, perhaps save one or two of your favourites, will end up languishing on a hard drive somewhere, and you’ll rarely take the time to look through them.

This is why I am always so pleased when my couples choose to opt for a wedding album in the packages that they choose with me, and it’s why my two most popular packages include wedding albums. Having your photos printed is the best way of ensuring that your wedding memories don’t get relegated to a dusty old hard drive. Printing your photos in a wedding album brings them to life again, and helps to tell your story, enabling you to relive your day again and again with ease. I have amazing memories of sitting looking through my parents wedding album, and I’m here to guide you through creating the perfect album to tell the story of your day from start to finish,  in terms of design, layout and finish choice.

Below, you can see a quick video that I made featuring a few of my albums, and below that, I’ve gone into a bit more detail with images of some examples of my sample albums and I’ll explain the difference between the finishes and upgrades that I offer.

Fine Art Albums

The gorgeous Fine Art albums that come as standard with the Album and Complete Collections include a beautiful, soft, matted paper finish, mounted directly onto thick card pages. The Album Collection comes as standard with a 10×10 size album, whilst the Complete Collection comes with an upgraded 14×10 version.

Flush-mount pages mean you can be really flexible with the layout of your images, as you can include large images that cross the seam of the pages, with an all but invisible line.

Your album also comes as standard with a stunning soft linen cover, in the colour of your choice, as well as your names and wedding date embossed on the front cover in a customisable colour of gold, silver, black or rose gold.

10 x 10 Fine Art Album with a Linen cover Becky Harley Photography

Fine Art Album Flushmount Becky Harley Photography

Lustre Albums

If you prefer, you can opt to upgrade to a photographic Lustre finish to your album. It’s a little hard to demonstrate the difference in finish properly in pictures, but when you see it in person, the difference is clear. The Lustre finish is glossier, but still matted. The colours are slightly punchier than in the Fine Art paper, where the colours render in more pastel tones.

It’s really personal preference as to which you prefer!

Fine Art and Lustre comparison Becky Harley Photography

Mounted Albums

For a really luxurious album, you might choose to opt for the absolutely stunning Mounted Album – which I think might be my favourite!

Rather than printing directly onto paper, which is then mounted onto the card pages, the Mounted Album features Lustre finish pages, which are printed onto card and then given an additional mount. You can see from the images below how this mount frames the images beautifully.

As well as the mounted pages, you can also include gorgeous full-page lustre prints to really showcase your favourite images from the day.

Mounted album Becky Harley Photography

Album Sizes

For full flexibility, all of the above albums can be created in your choice of size of album. You can choose between 10×10, 14×10 and 12×12.

10 x 10 Fine Art Album with a Linen cover Becky Harley Photography

Cover upgrades

As standard your album comes with a stunning Linen cover (in your choice of colour – there’s 30 different ones to pick between!), but you also have the option of adding a luxurious genuine leather cover. There’s fewer colour options than you have with the linen but enough choice to still allow you to make your album your own.

Small Duplicate albums

If you think your parents, grandparents or perhaps even your bridesmaids might like a mini version of your main album. It’s a great value way of helping your family and friends enjoy memories of your big day too. The small duplicate albums match the aspect ratio of your chosen size of main album, and also come with the same cover finish (depending on whether you choose linen or leather).

The Complete Collection comes with two small duplicate albums included, in landscape size, matching the 14×10 album included with that collection.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of some of the options available for your wedding album, and some of the benefits of preserving your memories in an album too! If you have any questions about any of this, or if you’d like to arrange to see my albums in real life, then please do drop me a line!


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