Lucy & Chris | Hampstead Pergola Wedding Photographer

Couple in golden light at Hampstead Pergola and Hill garden

Hampstead Pergola Engagement Shoot

It was the sort of evening that photographers dream of, as I headed down to London on the train to catch up with Lucy and Chris for their pre-wedding shoot at Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens at the end of May. The sky was clear with white fluffy clouds floating along, and whilst it was quite warm, up in Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens the heat wasn’t too overpowering!

I know Chris from my previous life working in London, so I met up with him at the tube station and we walked up to the location they had chosen for their shoot. Despite having lived in North London for a few years a little while back, I’d never been to this part of Hampstead Heath, so it was lovely to visit somewhere new. The Hill Gardens and Pergola are so stunning – I’d clearly missed out previously! There was some truly delicious golden light streaming down over the trees to the hilly spot on the heath, so I couldn’t wait to get my camera out!

Nooks and crannies for lovely photos

There are so many little nooks and crannies here for lovely photos, including a lovely colonnade where we made the most of the lovely light and shadow, as well as some lovely wide shots to be had looking across the pergola. Add to that ponds, steps for sitting and cuddling, colourful flowers, all mixed together with some gorgeous evening light – I was certainly a happy photographer!

It was lovely to get to know Lucy and Chris a bit better together as a couple, and to hear all about how they’d met and gotten together. They met years ago through groups of friends where they grew up down in Dorset, where their wedding will be taking place. I can’t wait to capture what I’m sure will be a really happy and fun day, I just hope that we get some more of this lovely golden evening light!!

If you’d like to arrange a photo shoot at Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens, or if you’re getting married here and looking for a Hampstead Pergola Wedding Photographer (they do weddings here too!) then I would really love to hear from you and discuss your plans – please do get in touch!