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Tailored Photography
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Do you feel lost with your photography business?
Are you fairly new to the industry and not sure how to grow?

Why mentoring?

You love the photography part of your business but you need to learn how to do the actual business bit a little better. You feel overwhelmed with all the different things you need to do to get out there, the website, the branding, social media, marketing, and all the back end ‘boring’ stuff.

You know you should be working on all the little aspects of your business but you don’t know how to prioritise what to do, and consequently end up doing nothing.

You’re not booking the weddings that you dreamed of shooting when you first started your business. 

And you feel stuck in a rut.

My tailored photography business mentoring can help you work through the chaos. I can be your cheerleader and help you to steer your business in the right direction. Together we’ll help you focus on developing the key skills you need to be a better photographer and business owner.

What I can offer

My ten week tailored 1-2-1 photography business mentoring programme covers all aspects of your business and helps to give you a boost where it’s most needed.

It’s a fully bespoke programme which we’ll tailor to ensure the sessions cover what you need. We can work on practical elements like shooting and creativity, while also delving into identifying your ideal client, taking the stress out of your social media and exploring the different types of marketing that will work for you.

We can also touch on the back end of your business (it doesn’t have to be boring!) and talk about client communication, workflows and finance.

What you’ll get

5 calls of two hours with me via Zoom, and a tailored plan to help you develop the areas you want to work on. Calls are spaced over ten weeks, giving you plenty of time to implement changes in your business. I’m on hand to answer your questions throughout.

The topics we cover might include:

  • identifying your ideal client and building your brand
  • website and portfolio review
  • practical shooting advice and feedback
  • workflows and editing
  • image critique
  • back end businessy bits – finance, business planning, systems and processes
  • marketing and networking
  • Social media and SEO
  • finding your work-life balance

You’ll feel more confident in your business

You’ll have a plan and a focus to move forward after our sessions

Together we’ll bring your business to life

your investment

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I am a full time wedding photographer who has built a successful and fully-booked award winning wedding business quickly, from the ground up. Since going full time in 2016 my business has gone from strength to strength.

I was named Photographer of the Year at the Four Counties Wedding Awards in 2019, having previously been recognised for the previous two consecutive years. I’ve also been a regional finalist in the East of England Best Photographer category for three years running. My work has been featured in The Times and in several other local and national wedding magazines, and I’ve won a number of different wedding photography awards along the way.

You can check out my wedding and engagement portfolio here and follow me on Instagram to see more of my work.

willing to help with whatever problem you are facing

“Becky has been wonderful.  I gave her a long faffy list of all the things I struggle with and she was able to structure said ‘faff’ into something a lot more manageable.  From critiquing my work, to addressing my ideal client, SEO and editing tricks, Becky has been able to address issues and help with solutions.

Becky is so approachable and willing to help with whatever problem you are facing, and I have a much clearer direction of where I want to go with my business and how to achieve my goals.

If you feel that you need some guidance, want to improve elements of your business, or if you feel completely lost, I can assure you that with your own commitment and with Becky’s help, you will be able to get on track and progress your business to achieve your desired result.”

– Alex Rose Photography

How do i book?

Mentoring programme slots are currently full – drop me a line to go on the waiting list for when they reopen.

Not quite ready to make the investment in a 10 week programme?

No problem.

Take a look at my Power Sessions, where we delve into a specific area of your business to give you direction or create an action plan.