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One-off sessions to
put you on the  right track

Is there an area of your business that you’re struggling with?

Does your website need a once-over? Are you confused about what people mean when they talk about SEO?

Is your portfolio on point? Are you confident in your on the day shooting?

Do you lack confidence when it comes to portraits? Is using your flash a bit frightening?

I offer a range of power sessions to deep dive into specific areas of your business and help you learn and grow, one topic at a time.

Choose from my menu of Power Sessions, or create your own if there’s something else you’d like to know.

the menu

Take a look below at my menu of Power Sessions. I’ve grouped my sessions into topics to make it easier to find the session you’re looking for. Choose one session from any topic, or book multiple sessions from different topics if you have different areas you’d like to work on


Your ideal client & customer experience

Together we’ll work on identifying your ideal client. We’ll think about who they are and what you can do to find them. We’ll work on their experience of dealing with you from initial enquiry to completion and delivery of the wedding.


Marketing Review

We’ll take a look at the marketing channels you’ve been implementing in your business so far, and identify other avenues that you could look at investigating to give you a structured plan to take forward


SEO Basics

I’ll talk you through the basics of SEO that helped me to reach the top rank for my chosen keyword and consistently book enquiries from blog posts. We’ll create an action plan for steps you can take to improve your search ranking.


Portraits and groups

We’ll run through my process for capturing awesome couples portraits, how to look for light, and how to get the dreaded group session over and done with before you can say ‘where’s the bar?


On the day elements

I’ll share my day plan with you and the process that I use to ensure I know exactly what’s happening on a wedding day. We’ll talk through approaches to each section of the day and how to shoot each one.



The dreaded ‘F’ word for some, but it needn’t be scary. I can help you understand the basics of flash, when to use it, when not to use it, and how to create cool evening portraits that will floor your clients.


Website and portfolio review

I’ll deep dive into your website and work out what tweaks you can make to make it more accessible, more user friendly and to convert more enquiries. I’ll help you to refine your online portfolio.


Image critique

I’ll take a look through a recent full wedding that you’ve shot, both the RAWs and edited Jpegs, to give you guidance on your shooting technique, image selection and edit.

The sessions

Each of my 2.5 hour power sessions take place via Zoom, and  are recorded, so you’ll be able to refer back to it as much as you like. I’ll provide you with detailed notes and workbooks to help you jot down your learning and create a plan to move forward with. Plus, we can have an additional 30 minute follow up call a month later to see how you’re getting on.

Cost per session £350.

If you like the sound of more than one of these sessions, why not book two for £700?

If more than two sound like they’d float your boat, maybe consider my tailored 121 mentoring programme.

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