My Top Five Instagram Posts This Month | Best Wedding Photos in January 2019

Welcome to 2019! It’s testament to how quickly the year is going, that I have only just got around to writing this post about my top Instagram posts in January this year, and we are already over half way through February! I am certain that this year is going to fly by incredibly fast, although I’m pretty sure everyone says that – all the time! Does anyone remember if there were years when you were a kid growing up that felt really slow?!

Anyway, enough waffle. I’ll get into the reason for the post, which is my top images of last month! As always, I’ve used my Instagram analytics to round up the top images on my Instagram account by Engagement, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. There seems to be a bit of a theme going on this month, with only two weddings and one styled shoot featuring!


This is the lovely Suzannah and Tom at their winter wedding at Oxford Town Hall. It was my first wedding of 2019, and what a start to the year! It was a gorgeous glamorous city wedding, and I am utterly in love with the styling. From Tom’s dapper evening suit, to the monochrome bouquet, it was just stunning. Suzannah looked utterly incredible in her two-tone sequinned gown by Abigail of Gardenia. This is a shot from the quick couples portraits we did in the entrance to the Town Hall.


In at number four this month is another shot from Suzannah and Tom’s wedding in January. Sadly the weather wasn’t quite what we’d hoped on the wedding day (but then it wasn’t too surprising as it was January!!) and we weren’t able to get to the outdoor spot that we’d hoped to visit for some couples portraits on the day. Instead, I had to improvise a bit so we used the gorgeous indoor areas available to us in Oxford Town Hall. Forever grateful to my Magmod flash modifiers to help me in situations like this!


I’ve been sharing a lot of shots from Laura and Ben’s Offley Place wedding last summer. I blogged about it in January, which is why I’ve shared so much, and it seems to have gone down well as several of the images from their big day were in the top ten images from the month. This particular shot was taken in the quick portrait session we did in the evening of the wedding day, just after the speeches. It had been raining on and off all day, but that didn’t stop Laura and Ben getting out and enjoying the gorgeous golden sun. They took shelter under a tree for this moment and had a little boogie! Laura’s Maggie Sottero gown looks incredible backlit with the golden sun, doesn’t it!


Number Two last month is another shot from Laura and Ben’s wedding! I love this one so much! These two love to laugh – I really wish I could remember what it was that prompted this reaction, but I can’t! I believe this was in the middle of the best man’s speech (Ben’s brother) so no doubt it was something to land Ben in it a bit!! I try to be unobtrusive in these moments during the speeches, and sometimes it can be tricky to be in the best place for reactions, especially with a round top table like this one. You can see the full blog post here.


The top image on my Instagram last month was this double post to accompany my blog all about choosing your wedding dress! I asked some of the top bridal retailers in the local area for their thoughts on this, so the post features lots of very useful info if you’re shopping for your dress. The dresses in the image are some of my favourites from styled shoots that I’ve worked on. On the left is a beautiful dress by San Patrick which was supplied by Burr Bridal in Cambridge, and on the right is a bespoke piece by the wonderful Rachel Lamb Design. You can read the blog post here!

So that’s January! Stay tuned for more blogs, and another of these Instagram roundups coming soon for February!

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See you next month!!