My Top Five Instagram Posts This Month | Best Wedding Photos in August 2019

I always feel like once August is over, we’re only just half way through the year – but obviously we’re now well in the second half of the year and careering wildly towards Christmas!

August was another seriously busy month for me this year with tons of gorgeous weddings that I absolutely adored being a part of. I am honestly blown away that I get to hang out with such awesome people every weekend and call it work!

I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks with the old blogging (I’m sure you’ve all been missing me! ?) but I’m back again with my August selection of top Insta posts. There’s some corkers, take a look below!


Ohhhh how I loved this wedding! Everywhere I looked there was utter gorgeousness and beautiful details. This shot was a preview from the lovely Sophie and Gary’s wedding at the Granary Estates in August. Complete with golden sunshine and cornfields. I mean, what more do you want!? Sophie looked incredible in her Justin Alexander gown, and there was a complement of some of my favourite incredible suppliers as a part of the day, including Feather and Ferns, Two Little Cats Bakery, and Hall & Co. Watch this space, as I will most certainly be blogging about this gorgeous day in the future!


Number four this month was another frame of the lovely Laura and Ben, who you may recognise from being all over my Instagram and website, because they are that awesome. I posted this shot to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, on a day that was filled with both sunshine and showers in a typically ‘british-summer time’ fashion. You can see more from their amazing Offley Place wedding on my blog here.


Here’s a shot from Jessica and Bazz’s pre-wedding shoot. We had a wander round a spot where they often walk their dogs, and they told me that they think of this tree, in the middle of the field on the route, as ‘their tree’. So I thought I’d make a picture with it :) I’m so excited to capture their day at Coltsfoot Country Retreat in December, which promises to be a gorgeous Christmassy extravaganza! I cannot wait!!


Well – this is another favourite shot from a fabulous month of weddings. Heather and Paul tied the knot at The Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green at the beginning of August and the weather literally threw everything it had at us that day. Bright, boiling hot sunshine, 50mph gale force winds, and torrential downpours. There was honestly a bit of everything. And Heather and Paul gamely charged through this massive field at my request, without an umbrella I might add, to get some incredible shots with the famous ‘Reclining Figure’ on the hill. I decided I needed a lie down in this wet, muddy and sheep-poo-filled field, but was rewarded with this frame. Just because it’s not bright sunshine on your day doesn’t mean bad photos – check out that dramatic skyline!!


Emma and Craig may have drawn the short straw with the weather on their mid-August wedding day, but that most certainly did not stop them owning their photos. I’ve rarely seen two people more keen to get outside in the drizzle! This was an end of the night shot for them, and I’m so glad we nipped out onto the drive of Fanhams Hall for this atmospheric moment in the rain. Yet another wedding that I cant wait to share more from soon!

So that was August! Because I’ve been slow, it’s only a couple of weeks now until we’re in October (whaaaaat) and you can see what faves popped up in September. I’ve only had two weddings this moth, so fewer previews and more images from a while back will be making an appearance.

As usual, my previous Top Instagram posts all live here, and you can pop over to follow me on Instagram on @beckyharleyphotog.

See you in October!!