My Top Instagram Posts This Month | Best Wedding Photos in February

My Top Five Instagram Posts This Month | Best Wedding Photos in February

I’ve decided to try a new feature on the blog this year! I thought it would be great to peer into my most popular Instagram posts each month and give you a bit more info about the background to the photos! Let’s see how we go!

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# Five

This image was taken at the Ham Yard Hotel during Chloe and Sam’s wedding last September. I loved Chloe’s bouquets which were put together by the amazing Wild at Heart. The Ham Yard Hotel is full of quirky pictures and interesting decor, and I loved this picture hanging on the wall! The girls put their blooms in water on the dressing table and I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot. I think the cloudy wallpaper really sets it off!

# Four

This is one of my favourite shots from Fiona and Ben’s pre-wedding shoot in South London. I saw these arches on the hillside, which mirrored the ruins of Lesnes Abbey in Abbey Wood. I asked the couple to stand on the wall whilst I grabbed a few frames from lower down the hillside to give a sense of perspective.

# Three

Jody and Dan won a competition at the Engage Wedding Planning Party towards the end of last year, first prize being a pre-wedding shoot with yours truly! We caught up and played a game of dodge the showers to capture some frames of them loving life together. This was one of my favourites from the shoot so I’m pleased that everyone on Instagram seemed to like it as much as I did!

# Two

Amy’s bouquet was my second most popular Instagram post this month. Her gorgeous flowers were designed by Maples Flowers in Hemel Hempstead, and during the morning’s preparations I took them outside for some photos in nice light. I saw this chair in Amy’s parents garden with bars leading to a central point and I knew it would frame the bouquet really well!

# One

This is one of my favourite images from Katie and Richard’s gorgeous Henry Moore Foundation Wedding last summer. I love to capture these ‘moments between moments’ during the group shots especially – as a traditional group shot (although I still do them) is much less interesting to look back on than a happy moment like this! You can see more of Katie and Richard’s lovely wedding on my blog here, and also a feature on the English Wedding Blog!

I hope you enjoy a little snippet of some of my popular images this month! Which is your favourite? Leave me a comment below to let me know. Come back next month if you’d like to see more, and if you’re looking to book your wedding photographer, take a look at my portfolio or drop me a line for more information!