My Top Five Instagram Posts This Month | Best Wedding Photos in November 2019

Hey December! It’s lovely to see you. I’m finally getting around to blogging about my top Instagram posts in November. I believe I promised lots of exciting bloggy goodness in between my blog drought of October, and Christmas. But alas I have failed to deliver on this promise – very sorry. Won’t happen again. (It probably will).

I’ve been so super mega busy towards the end of this year, that I literally haven’t had two minutes spare to jot down some words for you on here. I think I have overestimated my capacity for time to actually work when you have a toddler running about this year, but I’m sure I’ll chat more about that in my 2019 review!

So as per every month, I’ve collated a list of my top 5 most popular Instagram posts from the last month, this one being November! Hope you enjoy!

A little bonus picture…

Oh, hey, what’s this? Just my award for Best Photographer in the Four Counties, no biggie. 😮 😮 😮

So yeah, this actually came fairly high in my monthly top images because you lovely lot gave it lots of likes, engagement and love, but I decided not to include it in the normal top five because I like to keep those to actual wedding/real life pics. But I still can’t quite believe I won this award, it hasn’t really sunk in, even though it’s been sitting on my shelf for almost a month. The last two years running I’ve come 3rd and 2nd respectively in these awards, so to scoop the top award in a year where I’ve been chasing around after a toddler is pretty special! Thank you so much to all my couples who voted for me – you are all excellent humans 🙂

Anyway, enough showing off, let’s get on with the actual top photos…


I do love real moments at weddings, especially the speeches. They are so much fun to photograph and I always really enjoy hearing them too, as it inevitably gives me a little bit more insight into my couples and I always feel like I know you a little better once your dad/best man has told some embarrassing anecdotes! This is the super lovely Sarah and Aaron during their speeches at their Coltsfoot wedding in May. You can see more from this lovely wedding on my blog here.


Here’s a preview image I posted for Rosa and George after their October wedding. They tied the knot at a church in St Albans and then hopped over to Shendish Manor for their celebrations. Their day was a little bit damp and rainy, but that certainly didn’t spoil proceedings! They wanted to do a confetti throw but due to the weather thought that doing a walk would be a bit tricky, so we got everyone outside to pelt them with confetti after the ceremony instead!


If you saw my top Insta posts blog last month, then you’ll have seen me gushing about how awesome Cara and James’s wedding at Offley Place was. Honestly so beautiful to photograph in every respect, and these guys were literally so giddy about getting married to each other that there was so much love and emotion I couldn’t stop capturing it. I took the most photos I’ve ever taken at a single wedding on their day (over 10,000). Here’s just one though, which really gives you an idea of just how happy these guys were to be finally tying the knot. This will be on the blog in the new year so keep an eye open for it because it’s epic!


Here’s Sophia and David being pelted with confetti a whole year ago! Their wintery wedding at Hengrave Hall in 2018 was totally beautiful in every respect, and you can see more of it on my blog here. I posted this image in celebration of their first wedding anniversary, so congratulations again you lovely pair!


I’m so pleased that this was my top post of November on the ‘gram, as it’s one that I put a lot of planning into. I even made a special trip into London to get the content for it! This post accompanied a blog that I put together with the help of the lovely team over at Cred Jewellery, a company who specialise in creating beautiful jewellery which is also ethically sourced and produced with sustainably sourced materials. I think that a lot of people don’t realise just how dodgy the jewellery industry actually is, and when you start reading up on it, it’s quite uncomfortable. After my lovely hubby Pete bought me an eternity ring from this company featuring lab grown diamonds and recycled platinum, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about ethical jewellery. You can read my blog post on this here, and as a bonus there’s also lots of pictures of beautiful rings to ogle at!

Sadly, Cred Jewellery are no longer trading, but you can read more about ethical jewellery on the Natural Wedding Company.

So that will be my last blog about my top Instagram posts in 2019! I’ll be back in January to tell you all about the top posts in December, and also the top posts in 2019!

As always, you can see previous posts on my blog here, and follow me on Instagram over here!