How to choose your Wedding Cake – Wedding Cake Advice

When it comes to wedding cakes, there is SO much choice! What do you go for?

Wedding Cake Advice

You could choose a traditional iced fruit cake, a flavoured sponge, naked cakes, a stack of cupcakes, or even something more alternative like donut stacks, a croquembouche tower, or a cake made of cheese!

To help you consider some top tips for choosing your wedding cake, I’ve gathered some excellent bits of wedding cake advice from some of the best cake makers in the area!

Wedding Cake Advice

Wedding cake advice

Two Little Cats Bakery is an award-winning bakery based in Cambridge. Jenni who runs Two Little Cats specialises in creating beautiful, bright and bold cakes in a variety of delicious flavours. Jenni offers a menu of over 30 different flavours of cake, including some inspired by cocktails (Piña Colada anyone?!). Chatting to the lovely Jenni, she gave me the following advice for choosing your wedding cake

Inject your personality!

Jenni says, ‘Don’t be afraid to inject your personalities into your cake. This could be anything from going all out with a themed cake, having a subtle nod to your favourite characters in the form a topper, or even having a custom flavour created of your favourite desserts or drinks! Make it *your* cake, not just *a* cake.’

Two Little Cats Bakery

Wedding Cake Advice

The gorgeous Band of Flowers cake by Two Little Cats Bakery


Don’t be afraid of colour!

Jenni also suggests thinking outside the box a bit when it comes to your wedding cake. Going for a coloured icing instead of white or ivory can look absolutely stunning. She says ‘deep colours are particularly popular this year (think jewel tones, burgundy, forest green, navy blue – even black!). If going all over with the colour is a bit too strong for you, then have a chat to your cake designer about some other techniques to add a splash of colour – try watercolour, buttercream ombré, or even marbling using your chosen shades. ‘

You can reach Jenni at Two Little Cats bakery online here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Wedding Cake Advice

Wedding Cake Advice

Amazing hanging wedding cake by La Belle Cake Company

Wedding Cakes Bedfordshire La Belle Cake Company

The second expert whose wedding cake advice I sought was another award winning cake marker, Michelle at La Belle Cake Company. La Belle Cake Company specialise in creating luxury cakes which are visually stunning, with beautiful sugar work and delicate sugarcraft.

Michelle from La Belle Cake Company gave me loads of practical wedding cake advice and tips when it comes to choosing your wedding cake. Based in Bedfordshire, the lovely Michelle has featured on my blog before – take a look here at her Supplier Spotlight article!

Here are La Belle’s top tips for choosing your wedding cake


Michelle says, ‘A wedding cake should bring all the elements of your wedding together so consider this when you are designing your cake with you chosen cake designer. Have icing that matches the colour of the brides dress. Choose flowers that match those in your bouquet. Have an emblem or monogram on your stationery? Ask your cake maker to reproduce that on your cake!’


Of course, you will need to make sure that you have enough cake to cater for all your guests! But Michelle suggests that you should also consider the venue when deciding on the size of cake you need. ‘A venue with high ceilings will benefit from a taller cake. Many cake makers offer dummy or false tiers to create the height without so much cake going to waste.’

Wedding Cake Advice

A fabulous tribal inspired cake by La Belle Cake Company


Gone are the days when fruit or vanilla sponge were your only options for flavouring your cake. Today the possibilities are endless with flavours including salted caramel, white chocolate and raspberry and even champagne (my mouth is watering just typing this!). Michelle suggests that you always ensure that you get to sample your chosen flavours before your big day, and when making your choices, think about what else you are serving on the wedding day. A good piece of wedding cake advice Michelle suggests is that ‘if you are having a chocolate dessert, it might be a good idea to avoid a chocolate tier in your cake. Also, consider the time of year you are getting married. A nice light lemon cake is a perfect choice for a summer wedding and a carrot cake is great in autumn. ‘


Michelle at La Belle Cake Company has the following advice about your weding cake budget: ‘Always be honest about your budget. Contrary to popular belief, wedding suppliers don’t want to know your budget to make you spend it all! Cake makers need to have an idea of budget before we design your cake with you so we don’t both get carried away at the consultation designing a spectacular all singing all dancing 6 tier cake when your budget is for 4 tiers.’

Wedding Cake Advice

A fabulous tribal inspired cake by La Belle Cake Company

Consult the experts

Michelle’s final piece of wedding cake advice is to always make sure you choose a cake designer that specialises in the type of cake you are looking for. ‘Be sure to have a look at their portfolio to see their past work. And avoid anyone who says ‘I’ll give it a go!’ – your wedding cake is not their opportunity to experiment!’

You can get in touch with La Belle Cake Company via their website here, or connect on their Instagram account here.

Wedding Cake Advice

If you’re looking for something a little different instead of a traditional wedding cake, keep an eye out for another blog post coming soon on the advantages of a Cheese wedding cake!

Hopefully you’ve found this wedding cake advice helpful!

You can see more of my Hints and Tips on planning your wedding here. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss anything wedding related, then I’d love to hear from you, so please do drop me a line here.