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While I’ve always been interested in all different aspects of photography – it’s images of people that I’m drawn to the most. People bring images to life with their emotion, their excitement, and their experiences. I love weddings so much because of the rollercoaster ride of emotions that takes place from start to finish. It’s the early morning butterflies and anticipation of what lies ahead, and the nerves that begin to show themselves in earnest as you slip into your dress. It’s the tears in your dad’s eyes as he sees you for the first time, or the way your proud mum looks on at her little one about to be married. It’s the little smiles, the holding back tears, the quiet moments. It’s the clinking of champagne glasses, belly laughs with friends you haven’t seen for ages, the cringing at the best man’s speech. It’s the freedom of dancing like nobody’s watching after a few glasses of Prosecco.  I love to capture these moments – the big and the small, on your wedding day. The moments that will bring your day to life again when you look back through your album – not just for you, but for future generations too.


For your couples portraits, I like to offer you some light direction to help you feel comfortable, and then leave you to be yourselves and giggle together, and just generally enjoy a few moments out from the whirlwind that is your wedding, to take it all in and enjoy each other’s company for a short while. I want to capture how you naturally are together, and your relationship, because if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be there celebrating your wedding day at all!

Take a look below at my portfolio of wedding images. If you like what you see – I would love to hear from you all about your wedding plans!



I would love to hear all about your wedding



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